In the afternoon of October 4th, 2019, the training-cooperation signing ceremony between International College of HCMC (ICH) and Daekyeung University of Korea was successfully conducted at ICH campus.

Joining the ceremony, on the side of ICH, there were Mr. Ly Dang Nguyen – Rector, Mr. Toan Quoc Nguyen – Vice Principal, Ms Van Ngoc Tuong Cao – Head of student recruitment office, Ms Quyen Thi Do Ho – Dean of Economics and Tourism Faculty, Mr. Loc Nguyen Phan – Dean of Constructions Faculty, Mr. Duy Van Truong – Faculty of Foreign Languages, Mr Hy Phuoc Chau – Deputy of Training Department.
On the side of Daekyeung University of Korea, there were Dr. Yoo, Jin-Sun – Chairman and a founder, Mr Seong Sang – Professor, Public Relation Director.
Both the parties had a close discussion to seek more opportunities for their long-term and effective co-operation.
They reached an agreement with the following contents:
Training co-operation: The two sides agreed to carry out training co-operation in the form of mutual program recognition, 2 + 2 training system enrollment affiliation
+ Level: College and university
+ Enrollment subjects: Students who finished Junior Highschool for College (9+ College program) and students who finished Senior Highschool for University (2+2 program).
+ Training programs: Restaurant and hotel management, Kitchen management and gastronomy (cuisine technique), Aircraft cabin services, Beauty care ...
Other short-term programs
Student exchange bweteen the two parties: Students from ICH could be sent to study, learn and communicate at Daekyeung University and vice versa. The two parties would have supportive policies on: tuition, accommodation for their mutual students.
Prospective Korean training center in Vietnam

Congratulations on the signing ceremony between International College of HCMC (ICH) and Daekyeung University of Korea! Let’s review some rememberable moments during the event.